Boss Women Making Boss Moves Part III

So I started my blog with post admiring amazing Black women who are doing incredible work in our generation and current era of time. I titled it Boss Woman Making Boss Moves because contrary to popular opinion Black women are the movers and shakers of this world! In other words, we have the power toContinue reading “Boss Women Making Boss Moves Part III”

The Big Picture Issue in the ERA of the #MUTERKELLY Movement

For most Black families, R. Kelly is a mogul in R&B! He has birthed us with unforgettable hits like, “Your Body’s Callin”, “Ignition”, “I Believe I can Fly” ,”Trapped in the closet”, and “Step in the Name of Love”. Self proclaimed Pied Piper of R&B has remained one of the biggest household names to dateContinue reading “The Big Picture Issue in the ERA of the #MUTERKELLY Movement”

Nola Darling is a Little Bit of all of US

Spike Lee’s new series, She’s Gotta Have it is a remake of his 1986 debut film. The series released on Netflix on Thanksgiving Day has sparked much conversation. Like most young Black women, Nola has a dollar and a dream and is trying to make it so she could live her best life and affordContinue reading “Nola Darling is a Little Bit of all of US”

Boss Women Making Boss Moves Part II

Luvvie Ajayi Luvvie, also known as “Awesomely Luvvie” has to be the best kept secret to ever live. If you haven’t heard of her, it is time to find out who she is. She is BEYOND hilarious!! Luvvie is a cultural critic, writer, digital strategist, speaker, and activist. Luvvie first started out as a bloggerContinue reading “Boss Women Making Boss Moves Part II”

Boss Women Making Boss Moves Part 1

Issa Rae Not too many people knew about Issa Rae until it was announced that she would be releasing a brand new show on HBO titled “Insecure”. A new show with a Black female lead character? A must see! I stumbled upon the show scrolling through my apple tv one night in my dorm roomContinue reading “Boss Women Making Boss Moves Part 1”

My 2017 Summer Playlist Part I 

1. Passion Fruit – Drake 2. Love – Kendrick Lamar ft. Zacari 3. Freak in You – PARTYNEXTDOOR 4. Distraction -Kehlani 5. Teenage Fever – Drake 6. Crazy – Kehlani 7. The Weekend – Sza 8. Loyalty- Kendrick ft. Rhianna 9. Privacy – Chris Brown 10. Come over – Trey Songz 11. 20 Something -SzaContinue reading “My 2017 Summer Playlist Part I “