The Beginning of a Black Revolution

Black Panther released in theaters February 16th and in just twenty-four days (March 11th to be exact), the film officially crossed $1 billion worldwide at the box office. This year at the 2018 Oscars, Jordan Peele became the first Black screenwriter to win an Oscar for “Best Original Screenplay” for his 2017 film Get Out.Continue reading “The Beginning of a Black Revolution”

I didn’t Vote and I don’t regret it

The title made you click this post! You’re already ready to debate and tell me I’m wrong! You’re wondering what the heck I have to say! That’s fine…I accept that because I was prepared when I clicked publish! So let’s get right into it. It’s been ONE FULL YEAR since President Donald Trump has takenContinue reading “I didn’t Vote and I don’t regret it”

Nola Darling is a Little Bit of all of US

Spike Lee’s new series, She’s Gotta Have it is a remake of his 1986 debut film. The series released on Netflix on Thanksgiving Day has sparked much conversation. Like most young Black women, Nola has a dollar and a dream and is trying to make it so she could live her best life and affordContinue reading “Nola Darling is a Little Bit of all of US”

Confessions of an Introvert

My name is Brytnie and I am an introvert! Characteristics: Prefers to listen, watch, and reflect Independent of Others Thinker/Planner Like Alone time GUILTY AS CHARGED! Now, although I believe I am a introvert more than an extrovert…I am on the spectrum of being both! However, my introvert side shines through more often than noneContinue reading “Confessions of an Introvert”

USVI Naturalista My Story On How I Keep My Hair Healthy And Happy

Thank you to Brytnie Jones for allowing me to be a guest blogger to share tips on my natural hair journey as well as some of my staple natural hair products. Greetings to all I am Renisha Thomas a career driven, mother of one, lover of DIY, simply island chic from St. Croix USVI. IContinue reading “USVI Naturalista My Story On How I Keep My Hair Healthy And Happy”