For Colored Girls Who Were Once Afraid to LIVE

The title of this piece is a tribute in remembrance of the great Ntozhage Shange.  My grandmother said that her biggest regret or mistake in relationships has been giving men too much power and believing that they would do things for her that she could have done for herself! This statement has been stuck withContinue reading “For Colored Girls Who Were Once Afraid to LIVE”

Entrepreneur, Rapper, Leader: Nipsey Hussle’s legacy is Motivation to the Black Community

“Pull up in motorcades, I got a show today/ It’s all I’m tryna do, hustle and motivate/ Choppers a throwaway, hustle the Hova way/ That’s why they follow me, huh, they think I know the way/ ‘Cause I took control of things, balling the solo way” – Hussle & Motivate Nipsey Hussle – husband, father,Continue reading “Entrepreneur, Rapper, Leader: Nipsey Hussle’s legacy is Motivation to the Black Community”

European Standards of Beauty still Got Us Trippin’

I bet everybody thought India Arie was tripping when she said, “I am not my hair”. Back in the day, I would have rolled my eyes and said “Girl, bye!” See I used to say that your eyebrows and your hair can make or break your appearance. Apart of me still believes this to be true.Continue reading “European Standards of Beauty still Got Us Trippin’”

Boss Women Making Boss Moves Part III

So I started my blog with post admiring amazing Black women who are doing incredible work in our generation and current era of time. I titled it Boss Woman Making Boss Moves because contrary to popular opinion Black women are the movers and shakers of this world! In other words, we have the power toContinue reading “Boss Women Making Boss Moves Part III”

Post Grad Blues: A Message of Certainty

Dear Graduate, You’ve ended a major chapter in your life and now you’re entering a new one. First, CONGRATULATIONS! Second, I understand what you may feel! Whether you’re starting a new job, beginning college, graduate school, joining the military, or traveling the world…life as you once knew it has changed. Summer has come and itContinue reading “Post Grad Blues: A Message of Certainty”

The Big Picture Issue in the ERA of the #MUTERKELLY Movement

For most Black families, R. Kelly is a mogul in R&B! He has birthed us with unforgettable hits like, “Your Body’s Callin”, “Ignition”, “I Believe I can Fly” ,”Trapped in the closet”, and “Step in the Name of Love”. Self proclaimed Pied Piper of R&B has remained one of the biggest household names to dateContinue reading “The Big Picture Issue in the ERA of the #MUTERKELLY Movement”