About Me

Hey there, I am Brytnie Devon and I am excited that you are visiting my blog! 

Brytnie Devon is a blog dedicated to providing a voice to the voiceless, empowering women, and celebrating blackness. It is your everyday fun, inspiring, and entertaining read. Brytnie Devon hopes to be a space where you are able to feel connected to the culture.

I am 24 years young and I am from Gary, Indiana. 

I love conversations about music, love, literature, art, and black excellence. Some of my favorite things to do are shop, read, watch tv,  travel, write, eat, and laugh.

My weird enjoyment is eating peanut butter. I love peanut butter more than the average person, as it brings me joy to have a spoon full as I’m watching television or working.

I believe there is beauty in the process, and blessings in the journey. I’ve often become very discouraged during the process of creating my blog. I sometimes didn’t have the perfect mission or goal, but I knew that I had something to say and something that I could contribute to the world. I knew that I had been writing since I was a kid and that it was something that I loved and wanted to share. Well, finally I have swallowed all feelings of fear and doubt!

July 4, 2017 the Brytnie Devon blog is born!!! 

I have been following my passion in writing since I was a child, and it led me to amazing adventures and beautiful people.  My writer’s excursion has brought me to obtaining a B.A. in English at Earlham College and M.A. in Public Relations at Ball State University.

I am beyond excited for everything that we will accomplish and experience together! Subscribe to my blog, and follow my social media to get a closer look at my journey becoming the Queen I was destined to be! Stay tuned!